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Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine

Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine


I think of myself as a packet of energy, not at all boxlike.

The boundaries of this energy are mutable, easily flowing with change.

Within this energy I find a masculine and feminine variance, dark and light, active and receptive.

These variances are destined for each other, a Sacred Marriage if you will. However, they seem not
to be fated to become immersed, to become as One.

Destiny to me is what is ‘intended’ to happen, fate to me is what actually comes forth, a product of
my Karma, the consequences of my choices and free will.

As these two variances Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine move towards each other and support
each other, working as one, less is projected onto the outer world. The need for sustenance from
outside energies diminishes and the Self holds firm with the self.

Through meditation and quiet times away from outer distractions we practice the Art of coming
together as one within, we draw into ourselves our scattered energies. We become more
comfortable as we blend these two energies, when we 100% honour the strength and power of the
blending of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

We become One when the action oriented Divine Masculine respects the direction from the
receptive intuitive Divine Feminine, balanced, and grounded is how we feel as we vibrate out into
the universe a high frequency vibe from our personal packet of energy.

With wisdom and patience, we are then able to communicate with the outer world from the
balanced perspectives of strength and love, I navigate my journey supported by my packet of energy
and I magically observe the results of my choices, where I have put my focussed energy and with

Monique Hill
Intuitive Soul Savant
April 2023